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Stephanie Sklar
Comunicado de Prensa 9.4.2014 (VERSIÓN INGLÉS)

  “The Board conducted an intensive search process and interviewed a number of excellent candidates,” says Henri Bisson, chairman of the Sonoran Institute Board of Directors. “Stephanie was our top choice, and we… MORE ›

Comunicado de Prensa 07.25.14 (VERSIÓN INGLÉS)

“Our Raise the River coalition joins communities and organizations throughout the Basin in celebrating the beautiful, life-giving Colorado River.  The binational commitment to reviving the health of the Colorado River Delta shows that… MORE ›

Comunicado de Prensa 3.27.14 (VERSIÓN INGLÉS)

  “This is a very exciting day for both countries,” said Osvel Hinojosa, Water and Wetlands Program Director at Pronatura Noroeste, a Mexican non-profit conservation organization. “Especially for those of us who have… MORE ›

Comunicado de Prensa 3.3.2014 (VERSIÓN INGLÉS)

  This historic event, stemming from the groundbreaking, multi-faceted Colorado River agreement negotiated between the U.S. and Mexico known as Minute 319, will help with efforts by the U.S. and Mexico to reestablish… MORE ›

Ecoturismo en el Delta del Río Colorado – Mayo 2008

Eco-tourists to the Colorado River Delta contribute much-needed revenue to struggling small communities LA CIENEGA DE SANTA CLARA, SONORA – “Be still, be still,” the woman next to me whispered urgently. MARK LELLOUCH… MORE ›