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Celebrando el Proyecto Mexicali Fluye (VERSIÓN INGLÉS)

This September, the Sonoran Institute gathered with our agency partners to celebrate the Mexicali Fluye project, which is a new and innovative program that is transforming Mexicali’s drainages from dumping grounds to community… MORE ›

Desierto Vivo (VERSIÓN INGLÉS)

Bor∙der (noun). A line separating two political or geographical areas, especially countries. Countries, people, wildlife and even water. Edward Abbey said that there is no shortage of water in the Southwest desert but… MORE ›

Stephanie Sklar
Comunicado de Prensa 9.4.2014 (VERSIÓN INGLÉS)

  “The Board conducted an intensive search process and interviewed a number of excellent candidates,” says Henri Bisson, chairman of the Sonoran Institute Board of Directors. “Stephanie was our top choice, and we… MORE ›

Comunicado de Prensa 07.25.14 (VERSIÓN INGLÉS)

“Our Raise the River coalition joins communities and organizations throughout the Basin in celebrating the beautiful, life-giving Colorado River.  The binational commitment to reviving the health of the Colorado River Delta shows that… MORE ›

Comunicado de Prensa 3.27.14 (VERSIÓN INGLÉS)

  “This is a very exciting day for both countries,” said Osvel Hinojosa, Water and Wetlands Program Director at Pronatura Noroeste, a Mexican non-profit conservation organization. “Especially for those of us who have… MORE ›

Comunicado de Prensa 3.3.2014 (VERSIÓN INGLÉS)

  This historic event, stemming from the groundbreaking, multi-faceted Colorado River agreement negotiated between the U.S. and Mexico known as Minute 319, will help with efforts by the U.S. and Mexico to reestablish… MORE ›